The Tre-Forza slip-on was developed by Anonimoto for the MV Agusta 3-cylinder series motorcycles. It is a racing slip-on that was engineered from the inside out to develop optimum flow characteristics that increase usable mid-range power while maintaining top end output.

Aesthetically speaking, the Tre-Forza slip-on was designed to hold true to the traditional MV Agusta 3-cylinder, 3 muffler GP design exhaust system. The pipes and mufflers were designed to provide optimum smooth flow, unlike the stock “chambered” and other “coffee can” mufflers mounted under the motorcycle.

The entire Tre-Forza slip-on is manufactured of 304 stainless steel, which is TIG welded together in a precision jig, providing duplicability, allowing the slip-on to be installed on multiple 3-cylinder models. The slip-on weighs approximately half that of the stock MV Agusta muffler (approximately 5.5lbs vs. 10.5lbs).

The triple mufflers use CNC’d inlet and exhaust nozzles machined to exact profiles, providing the correct back pressure, these are key to the Tre-Forza power characteristics. The mufflers are a straight thru design to provide optimum flow characteristics.

Tre-Forza is a raw GP style slip-on. Welds are unfinished, providing a spectrum of color for that GP style two slip-ons are alike and each slip-on is serialized. Once ran, the slip-on will color to a golden brown with hues of purple and blue for that aggressive, unfinished race look.

The Tre-Forza slip-on is solely manufactured for off-road/race use only and does not meet noise regulations or spark arrestor regulations for any country in the world. In California, this product is legal only for closed course competition use and is not legal for vehicles used on the street or even for off-highway vehicles which have a vehicle emissions control label.

Optional heel guard by request – In our opinion the heel guard covers the hand crafted mufflers and pipes, but as an option to the customer is available for an additional $75.00. The heel guard brackets are permanently welded to the muffler so please be sure of your decision. The Rivale does not require a heel guard because of the rider’s foot position. The F3 has the most extreme foot position and is most probable of foot/muffler interference. Our solution for this problem is aftermarket rearsets that have an integral heel guard, for example – Moto Corse rearsets. Using a rearset of this type will retain the beauty of the Tre-Forza slip-on. (No returns if optional heel guard is requested by customer/purchaser).

Dyno results shown were taken on a completely stock Rivale 800. Results show an incredible *10HP (approximately 13%) gain in the mid-range and a *5ft/lb (approximately 10%) of torque gain in the mid-range.

*Dyno results may vary. It’s up to the end user to decide whether fueling changes should be made. The Rivale tested used the stock fuel map. End user assumes all liability.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

U.S Patent Pending

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