The Rivale License Plate Relocation Kit is an inexpensive/simple solution to rid the Rivale of the stock rear fender and relocate the license plate under the tail.

The Relocation Kit is available in 2 colors – Silver (laser cut 304 stainless steel) and Black (enamel coated laser cut 304 stainless steel)

Lighting was intentionally left out of the Kit for 2 reasons – 1.) Some users prefer to customize their bike lighting to their own liking. 2.) Keep Kit cost down.

It is up to the end user to follow Local/State/Federal vehicle lighting/marking laws.

Please be aware that when the rear mudguard is removed from the swingarm, shorter pinch bolts will be required to properly close the swingarm axle eccentric. After market bolts are not available with the proper corrosion resistant coating. MV Agusta SPA is the only source for the proper shorter pinch bolts. Two (2) bolts are required, MV Agusta Part No. 8000B2752

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